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COVID-19 Pandemic office hours: WE HAVE RESUMED NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS! Call to re-schedule your annual check-up, delayed cataract surgery, or follow-up appointment.

8/11/2020 update: As the local and state surge of new COVID-19 cases since mid-July has stabilized or declined recently, we are increasing services accordingly. Call to re-schedule your annual check-up, delayed cataract surgery, or follow-up appointment. Beginning Monday, 8/17, we will increase waiting room usage while maintaining social distance seating, increased surface sanitization, and controlled access to TREC SPECS optical dispensary. We continue to health screen patients with a short questionnaire and temperature check, require facemask use, and limit patient aides to 1, if needed. Do not defer evaluation of urgent problems or sudden changes in your vision!

4/29/2020 update: Alabama is re-opening Friday, 4/30/2020 at 5pm!! We will be open for non-urgent care Monday 5/4/2020 with a lower volume of appointments. Elective surgery, including cataracts, will resume 5/11. Our check in procedure will adapt, but we will continue to use phone check-in, maximize waiting in your car, and follow social distancing guidelines. The waiting room and TREC Specs Optical (call ahead) will be open with limited, spaced-out seating. We still ask that you wear a soft facemask, come in alone or with at most one assistant, and to re-schedule if you have fever or any respiratory illness. Understandably, smokers with a chronic non-infectious cough will make others anxious and generate questions from our staff—use this as an opportunity to quit smoking! Please, be patient as we catch up on scheduled care, reschedule other deferred problems which are becoming more problematic, and care for new urgent problems.

4/6/2020 update: Treatment of most urgent eye problems can be safely delayed for a few days or even a week or more without significant risk for permanent changes in vision. We have been essentially closed since St. Patrick’s Day and our shelter in place order for Alabama will likely last into May, or longer. 6 weeks is enough time for floaters to turn into a retinal detachment, for acute glaucoma to cause permanent vision loss, for Shingles or Herpes keratitis to cause corneal scarring, for a foreign body to cause complications, for wet macular degeneration to cause a large blind spot, or for iritis to cause intraocular scarring or cataract. “Pinkeye” should have resolved in 7-10 days. If you have been delaying evaluation of your eye problem for 2 weeks, it’s time to have it checked out. Call first. We have limited telemedicine capabilities or, if you need to come in for examination, we have appointments in the morning and plenty of space to keep you in one room and away from others. Our rooms and equipment are thoroughly disinfected after each patient.

4/3/2020 update: We have been open in the mornings for emergencies. Beginning next week we will schedule exams for other urgent non-emergencies. If you have problems after cataract surgery, if we are actively adjusting your glaucoma medicine, or if we are treating an active eye problem expect a call to be seen in the next few weeks. Appointments will be limited. Call from your car to check in. Only the patient and one helper, if truly needed, will enter the office. It will be several weeks before we will resume routine care and yearly exams. Call first, call to check in, and call to keep your social distance!

3/26 update: Alabama currently has 439 confirmed COVID19 cases. The actual number is much higher given our limited testing, the high percentage of carriers whom are not sick at all, and the 5-14 day delay in infections becoming apparent. You should assume you might be infected, but do not go to the hopital or emergency room! Call your doctor and save the emergency room for those with difficulty breathing. Normalcy will return slowly. Right now stay home! Our office is currently closed except for true vision threatening emergencies on a call in basis. Call first!-----------------------------------

3/23/20 update: Currently we have someone answering the office line 8am to 12pm. Our outgoing calls will be ID blocked, and we cannot answer phone remotely. If you have left us a message, try to answer these unidentified calls. We will be reviewing charts to schedule the more urgent exams in the coming few weeks. Yearly exams and follow up exams if your vision is stable will be delayed until the COVID19 crisis improves. If you have severe eye pain, flashes, floaters, or visual distortion that does not clear after 30 minutes call. Be patient and persistent until we can communicate. We will examine you with minimal exposure to others only if urgently needed.


Tennessee River Eye Clinic provides general ophthalmology, optometry, and optical services, serving The Shoals and Northwest Alabama, since 1999, including Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, Florence and Russellville. Tennessee River Eye Clinic is conveniently located at the north end of the Helen Keller Hospital campus, on South Montgomery Avenue right across the street from Jack's restaurant. If you have a stye or a blinding eye disease we are here to help. If you need contact lenses or advanced technology cataract surgery, we will take care of you.

Our friendly technicians will put you at ease during testing. Dr. Kassels has practiced in Sheffield since 1999. He is a board certified ophthalmologist who has over 20 years of experience and performed thousands of procedures. Dr. Lenz has practiced Optometry in The Shoals since 1995 and her patients love her. Our experienced billing team will verify your insurance and file your claim. We accept most commercial insurance plans including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Co­pays are payable at the time of your appointment. Our phone number is easy to remember: (256) 381-2020.

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Coming soon! PanOptix is a recently approved trifocal IOL from Alcon. It has been popular in Europe for 3 years and clinical trials in the US showed more glasses independence and less halo/glare than other available multifocal lenses. Panoptix is also capable of addressing moderate astigmatism as well. Call or check back here for more information.

Now available! Optometry services. In addition to eye examinations, diagnosis, and treatment of ocular conditions, Dr. Jan C. Lenz participates in Vision Care Plans including VSP and EYEMED, offers contact lens fittings, and allows more flexible scheduling. (256) 381-2020.

Now open! TREC SPECS Optical Dispensary. To help meet the demand for full service eye care, our optical shop is now open. We have a variety of frames to fit your style and budget. Our experienced optician, Glenda, will fit your glasses just right. We have Hoya digital lenses, Transitions, and Costa sunglasses. Don't just look good, see good too!


Patient Testimonials

"I appreciate everyone of you here and all that ya’ll have done. You all are just precious."

- M.M. 2017

"Everyone here is so nice and helpful and it makes such a difference as a patient. Thank you!"

- D.G. 2017

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Right here, at home in The Shoals, you can have small incision cataract surgery with a premium toric intraocular lens to correct astigmatism or a multifocal lens to correct for distance and near vision. Learn More


Glaucoma care involves a lot of work for the patient! Daily medicines, frequent office visits, and occasionally a laser or surgical procedure are required to to control this progressive disease of the optic nerve. Learn More


Tennessee River Eye Clinic offers medical and optometric eye care including exams, management of chronic eye conditions, and treatment for all for common eye problems. Dr Kassels performs cataract and other intraocular surgery, as well various in office laser treatment. TREC SPECS is our optical dispensary with a great selection of frames and a full time optician.Learn More

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